Everyone gets a go



After the last little soirée a kid's mum said to me “ i really like how its even. You make sure everyone gets a turn. thats one of the building blocks of Ek one of the absolute fundamentals.


One of the reasons we started this venture is because we couldn’t stand concerts where that wasn’t the case. Its too early to say this kid is better than this kid. The  main thing isn’t to produce a brilliant concert. I think our kids do that anyway but the main thing is that every kid who gives up their afternoon to join us gets something out of it. 


Here every kid gets a chance. I make sure every kid gets a least a solo line. so some lines will be sung better and delivered better than others and thats ok.  ( one line ) That may seem lame, but in a 20 minute concert / showing they deliver a line, they are part of a couple of songs and in a couple of dances. That’s a fair bit. It reminds me of when i started my career. you’ll find that if you are ever actually in a show you do a few small important things and thats all.  but if your 5 year old comes out and says ‘ Did you hear about the giant with dihorea… it’s all over town!?” That’s huge. That’s huge for a little kid. the pay off when the audience laughs - how do you put a value on that?