Into the woods...

So we just did the end of term concert


The film Into the Woods came out. Disney's wonderfully accessible offering.  SO  we chose some songs from Sondheim’s utterly beguiling musical. Primary school kids and I mean, run of the mill primary school kids tackiling something as difficult as Sondheim.  You have to count. in your head,  if you don't count,, your toast you would mis your  entry .  I say that but you also have beccy mouthing everything for you....



 We did the prologue. Before we started Beccy introduced every character and off we went.

 “I wish ...more than life ” We got most of it right.

The utterly rewarding part of it has been how much the kids engaged with it. They loved the music. I can’t get it out of my head. I,m so glad the term is over so I don’t have to hear “ Into The Woods “ for a while


I didn't discover Sondheim till I was at uni. The music is amazing but its more the music theatre people that enjoy it.