1. Battle of the air bands.


A fantastic group warm up. put kids in groups of 4 or 5. the kids come up with a name for their band. 

Kids Assign instruments to members of the group: ie drummer, lead singer, guitarist.

They decide on a song.


When it is their turn the teacher announces the band and plays their song with tremendous ceremony. the remaining kids whoop and yell and treat them like rock gods.


The members of the air band get up and perform an “ air” version of the song. the lead singer mimes the words vacillates on stage. the guitarist goes nuts with her best air guitar. you only need 1 verse and chorus and it works a treat.







2. Everyone pick up……


It’s so simple. Choose a kid and have everyone in the class pick them up. Be careful. teacher must at all times make sure it’s safe. the group will be able to lift the kid above their heads. 






3. Leaf blower 


Again be careful! Bring in a leaf blower. assign groups of 4.  Give them a name. 

Have the group stand in a circle and mix the kids up so the groups aren't standing together. Blow a piece of paper in the air with the leaf blower and call out a group. They have to run into the circle and work together to catch the paper. If they catch it they get a point. If they miss you rip the piece of paper in half and blow it again and call out another group. As the paper gets smaller and smaller more and more mayhem ensues. It’s really fun.







The toyshop. 


I don’t know why they little ones love this game so much but they do. So. You are the owner of the toyshop and the kids are the toys. When ever you leave the shop for the night. the toys come to life.  When you come back in ..maybe mid conversation on your phone they are frozen…..the little ones will come just for that experience. its amazing