Giant's treasure. ( With a twist.)

If you don’t know how to play giants treasure, just type it into google.") Here’s a classic drama game but i’ve given it a bit of a spin. So you put a set of keys or something in front of you and you inform the kids that you are going to play giants treasure. Its me against you. If I see you pick up the keys its all over. By the time the kids get to the keys let them know that they have to work together. Don’t try to pick up the keys. They will always try to pick up the keys the first couple of times because the temptation will be far too great. Advise the kids to step in front of the keys. Form a wall around the keys and only pick them up when the keys are completely out of view. Then its everyone’s responsibility to pretend they have the keys. The teacher has 3 guesses to try to figure out who has the keys. WHEn the kids finally make it back with the keys (if they actually do) Pandemonium erupts. Sometimes I make it a boys on to girls game. My my how competitive they get. The atmosphere is intense.