What is learning to sing ?

When i was a kid, I had a sneaking suspicion that I could be a good singer. I would sing in the shower and what not and I could hear a decent voice. I wished I knew where to go from there. I wished I even know what sound to aim for. I was always a good mimic so I figured if I knew what good singing was then i could aim for that. Problem was I didn't really know what good singing was. 

Someone asked me recently what are you trying to do when you do singing lessons. 

I didn't understand the question and asked for clarification and the person said


“ well when you learn a sport you learn to kick a ball you learn to dribble and to pass and positions etc. What do you do in singing”


It was a genuine question and an excellent one. 


The best way I can describe what you do when you sing is this. 


Everyone has a basic instrument learning to sing is optimising and maximising that instrument through the use of air and the supporting muscles. 


That’s what it is in a nutshell.