the fabulous goldini

The Fabulous Goldini png.png

The Fabulous Goldini performs his Flagship act, the boxes of death! However due to lack of car space, he was unable to bring the boxes and is forced to improvise with a couple of large shopping bags and a saucepan for his drum roll. All goes well until he realises the fundamental difference between the bags and the boxes: the boxes have the necessary trap doors and the bags....



Watch in awe as this hapless inept magician accidentally hypnotizes himself into being Luciano Pavarotti and performing acrobatics which squash and kill the dove in his pocket. The Fabulous Goldini is the Maxwell Smart of the magic world. Through his negligence props will be forgotten or killed and his assistant will disappear.

The Fabulous Goldini is a high energy comedy act involving an international opera singer, accidental hypnosis, acrobatics and some of the worst magic you will ever see, performed by an utterly inept magician. Goldini is a mix of the high arts and utter silliness.