Pitch Perfect- A capella singing group for school kids

Pitch perfect is a small (4-6 kids) A cappella group with a strong focus on harmony and solo singing. It’s for the kids who are genuinely keen to learn to sing and hold their own harmony in a group. It’s for kids who want to develop their music literacy and vocal technique. Therefore,  A high level of discipline will be required as we develop our aural skills and learn the nuts and bolts of how to sing . Members of the group will be required to learn some of the repertoire in their own time.



The classes will take place in Balwyn. The sessions will involve singing into a recording microphone and listening back to the results. At the end of every semester a recording will be made. Learning through recording and listening back is a vital tool to aid understanding - as well as a great way to document their success and keep as a memento.


I will need to "audition" each applicant to work out which group they would be suitable for. 

The sessions are Tuesday or thursday nights at 6pm and are 55 minutes in duration. The cost is $40 per session which is in line with the cost of group lessons in school. We'll start with a 4 week trial @ $150

The sessions are taken by myself. I'm  Jon Bode, a vit registered teacher and freelance singer. More information on me here



and here




If you are interested you can register your interest clicking the text below

If you are still wondering what A Cappella is. Check out this fine example by the muppets!

This our next project. I can't wait. Spider pig!



Contact Jon Bode for more details 0400 830 159