Start a life long journey of self expression.  Extraordinary Kids is all about being a kid. Its about keeping creativity alive - about swinging for the fences - about being kinder to themselves and each other as they explore and grow through the performing arts. Classes run weeknights 4pm-6pm with a low key and up beat (Mercifully short) concert at the end of each term. Extraordinary Kids is a singing, dancing, acting program specifically designed to nurture primary school aged children. We encourage in all, a sense of humour and goodwill. Kids just come as they are - ready to create. We are not a talent school and we don’t believe in stars or hierarchy. We don't charge registration or costume fees, demand red lipstick or bruise your budget with merchandise. All our concerts are 30-40 mins and are FREE.    

Where : Deepdene Uniting church hall, 958 Burke Road Kew

When:  Mondays 4-6pm  Starts Feb 5. or  

Wednesdays 4-6pm Starts Feb 7

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We'd Love to hear from you! call Jon Bode on 0400 830 159 - or fill out the form. 

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